Send messages to any crypto wallet ID/Address supported by MetaMask.


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*Android MetaMask not supported yet. Please use Desktop Chrome or MetaMask for iOS.


Wallet to Wallet messaging. Sign in using MetaMask to claim your free account. Send messages and chat with other wallet owners. No names, no email addresses, no phone number, no KYC, no fingerprinting and no eye scanning required. All communications are between crypto wallet IDs.

Send a message to any other crypto wallet ID.
Chat with wallet owners directly without revealing your identity or social profiles.
Blockchain validated access.
Crypto wallet direct messaging.
Chat with crypto wallet owners using the browser in your Metamask mobile app.
Chat with crypto wallet owners using any browser that supports the Metamask plugin.
No email or phone numbers required.
Have you sent crypto to the wrong wallet or network? Send a message to that wallet and ask for assistance recovering your tokens.
Want to send a message to someone that owns an NFT? If you know the owners wallet ID you can leave a message for them.
Ever wish you could chat with the owner of an NFT on OpenSea? Get their wallet ID and send a message.

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